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DIY Fundraising Event Spur June 2016


On Tuesday night the 21st of June 2016 we had a wonderful fundraising event at the Spur in Centurion Mall.  Children and their friends shadowed the waiters and waitresses.  Spur gave Diabetes SA Pretoria a % of their turnover for the day on Tuesday as well as during the evening.  Everyone enjoyed the evening a lot.  The children who shadowed the waiters each received a free burger and soda.  Prizes were also given out.


A very big thank you to Centurion Spur for making this evening possible.




The Museum really came alive April 2016

The Museum really came alive April 2016

The Night at the Museum really came alive on Saturday 23rd April at the
Ditsong Museum in Pretoria !

Diabetes SA  took 30 kids with Diabetes  for a night of knowledge & fun ! Our guide Fortunate was a mine of information and made the tour of the museum so interesting !

Then fun and games were  had in the Discovery centre where the kids came up close & personal with the fossils & skeletons ! After an amazing treasure hunt, the Kids  relaxed, with packets of popcorn and watched ” A night at the Museum 3 “. The kids only got to the floor to sleep at 2am !

The adults Louise, Mariaan, Maryka,Melanie, Michelle  & Sr Ona passed out exhausted but exillerated !

All the kids  got on so well & had such amazing time …..

SPUR Fund Raising Event March 2016

SPUR Fund Raising Event March 2016

Hi there KIDS ( DIY members )  and parents……

Last Tuesday night ,the 1st of March,2016…….

DIY ( diabetes in the youth ) of Diabetes South Africa, Pretoria Branch  leaped into March Month with a wonderful Spur fund raising evening ! It was held at the Centurion Mall SPUR !

Many of our Diabetes youth attended and shadowed  the waiters between the hours of 6pm to 8pm ! They all had such fun ! All of them worked so hard ! All the tips they made they could keep themselves &  some of them made quite a bit! They also received a free burger and soda .

DSA Pretoria received a percentage of the turnover ! We made around R4000 in total  for the evening !

Thanks to Future Life, Hilda Lategan & Myan Subrayan for the spot prizes that were given out & to well known artist  Juanette Menderoi for the beautiful painting that we raffled ! Everyone had a fabulous evening ! Thanks to ALL who came along and supported ! We appreciate it so very much !

We will definitely be doing this event again in the near future as we had fun whilst making fund raising !

Please check DIY Pretoria  and Diabetes South Africa Face Book page to see all the photos !

Thank you and kind regards

Louise & the DSA Pretoria Committee.